Aeveria Confederation


==The Aeveria Confederation===

Philosiphy: Our People Must Prosper, We Must Maintain our Liberty.

The Aeveria Confederation is constatnly looking out for everyones greater good and to ensure eqaulity and domestic tranquility are upheld. As such this belief has launched them into many wars to free a nations oppresed people, or remove tyranic leaders. Other involvments can involve rescue aid, refugee aid, restoring planets ravaged by the Grox and Conqurix, and delivering support after major dissasters. The Aeveria Confederation is essentially the sign of Liberty to many.

The Aeveria Confederation is a multi-species empire that has its spiritual roots on Planet Aiden'Veil, the planet of origin to both the Sevelton and Aeovon, two species that evolved seemingly simultaneously. Although having technically been formed on Aiden'Veil (And for a while even having had the capitol located there for awhile) the current Capitol is Planet Iliveria, a planet that was found un-touched amidst Aeveria Territory. The Aeveria Confederation has a very long history and diverse culture due to its many citizens foreign background.

===Key Planets===
Iliveria: Planet Iliveria is the current Homeworld of the Aeveria Confederation. Although its cities are drastically large and the population is enormous, much of the planet still remains wild. The Planet is comprised of many features, from rolling hills and dry valleys and gulches, to High mountain peaks, and mysterious woods, Iliveria sports an enormous amount of varying ecosystems. It is, ironically, referred to as the "Blue Planet" or "Home Away From Home" by humans. It is also home to the Aeveria Confederations largest Military Base and a number of important government agencies. It boasts the most proffitable economy in the Aeveria Confederation and beyond.

Aiden'Veil: The Spiritual Homeworld of the Aeveria Confederation, Aiden'Veil is now an economic Powerhouse. The Planet is characterized by it's Rolling hills and flat plains and sudden Plateau and mountaintop outcroppings. The planet has become a key location to the Aeveria Confederations Economy, housing Millions of civilians and being home to one of the Nations largest Military Bases. The Planet has provided many jobs and opportunities to the masses.
It is also the number two choice for Immigrants (Both legal and Illegal) that come to the Aeveria. This is likely a result of the massive amount of jobs available and the promise of a chance to rise from anywhere.

Etheral: A massive overly developing planet covered in cities, Etheral supports a population in the Qaudrillions. One summer day on Etheral, a hostile fleet descended upon the planet and it's sprawling cities, raining fire upon the world. The fleet was a Zaretian fleet disguised as the IAE. Heavy losses were suffered during the attack, but the Aeveria Confederation quickly saw throught the Zaretians clever plan and took swift action.
Etheral is now in the stage of rebuilding over the now charred world. Military fleets in the sector have been put on high alert to prevent a simalar scenario from occuring.

===History and Timeline===

The Aeveria Confederation has an incredible and colorful history, many major events are documented here.

AU=After unification BU=Before unification

100,000,000 BU - The first Sevelton and Aeovon Settlements appear, first tools are developed

75,000,000 BU - First intricate weapon is designed. The device works simalar to a bow, launching pointed projectiles with ease.

17,000,000 BU -The first City States are formed, short lived wars are sparked between two prominant nations.

10,000 BU - A mighty empire known as the Eve empire rises to power. Comprised of Aeovon, they seek to spread thier religion into prominance.

10,050, BU - Many uprisings from angry citizens eventually weaken the Eve empire

9,070 BU - The Eve empire goes to war with a minor empire

9,000 BU - Proving to be more of a threat than thought, the combined peasant uprisings and war with others has caused the collapse of the Eve empire.

9,000-7,050 BU - A prolinged period of anarchy ensues. The dark times lead many to turn to religion.

6,000 BU - Several empires have risen and tamed the anarchy, ushering in a new era of Fuedalism.

6,560 BU - A Gunpowder like substance is developed and used by the Croll empire to conquer thier enemies, but it also falls into their enemies hands.

5,000 BU - Continental Colonization begins, a Sevelton Empire called the Coryau Empire are the first succsesful at establishing a place in the 'new world' on the continent of Voraya. New forms of government arise.

5,892-1,000 BU - An age of trade art and culture blooms into existance, Aeovin and Sevelton life is now widespread.

644 BU - Electricity is harnessed for the first time.

500 BU - Electricity has proven useful. The first complex machines are made. Democracy and Socailism become popular forms of government.

497 BU - A Conquest driven nation begins to brutally take down other nations, a coalition of several nations is formed to stop them.

459 BU - The coalition is succsesful and disbands. Three of the Nations decide to stay in close work with the one another, This marks the first iteration of the Aeveria Confederation.

460-480 BU - The world undergoes an industrial revolution, now using assembaly lines and natuaral recources in greater amounts.

200 BU - The first computers are assembled.

156 BU - Many forms of energy are now available. The remaining coalition members become prominant in this era, along with a large nation; Eroria

130 BU - Eroria begins a conquest, threatens world with WMD.

131 BU - The Coalition members go to war with Eroria. First Aeovon and Sevelton in space.

136 BU - Sevelton and Aeovon cultural seperation is displed around the world.

100 BU - Eroria is defeated, remaining government asks to join the coalition, accepted.

51 BU - Great Technological advances are made during this period.

0 BU - The worlds remaining nations slowly join the coaliton, now known as the United Aiden'Veil Confederation. Aiden'Veil has untied itself as one.

0 BU-30 AU - Space programs have recieved considerable funding. First landing on another planet occurs during this period.

35 AU - First Terraforming project has begun on the closest planet to Aiden'Veil

50 AU - Civilization undergoes another age of flourishing of arts and technology.

216 AU - Terraforming project is done, though leaving a massive dent in world funds. Talks of speration in the Confederation begin to make some political figures uneasy.

458 AU - The terraformed planet has proven to provide a new community and market, helping to revive the economy. Rumors of political instablility are dispeled.

789 AU - First Space weapons systems are developed. Talks of Extra-Solar expeditions have begun.

791 AU - The first Extra-planetary fleet is commisioned.

900-982 AU - Extra solar actvity has begun. More and more Military and Economic fleets are being built and commisioned, despite no sentient life has been contacted.

1034 AU - First sentient life encounter. Exchange is peacful, the other empire shares thier knowledge as does the Aiden'Veil. The two become close allies.

4021 AU - After extensive exploration, military, economic, and terraforming/colonizing, the programs have expanded exponentially.

5000-8000 AU - Many new allies are made during this time, as well as many technological advances and art and culture flourshing. Several empires have commited themselves to joining the Aiden'Veil Confederation.

9178 AU - After many empires had either confederated or been annexed into the Aiden'Veil Confederation, the leaders decide to rename it the Aeveria Confederation. Aeveria is the Ancient Sevelton word for "Liberty".

9179 AU - After the United Earth Empire confederates, the government is altered slightly to meld the current High Council with the UEE government system: A Democratic Republic. Large numbers of humans becoming citizens cause English, French, and other human laguages to become wide-spread.

9180 AU - Over 500 Races from across the Galaxy have Either Confederated or been Annexed into the Aeveria Confederation, making it one of the most diverse Empires in the Galaxy.

9181 AU - Vir Audentia Ensis is developed by Shiela Arrowdor

10,345 AU - A number of empires have begun attacking the Aeveria Confederations territory. Several minor wars ensue, dubbed "The Far Spread Wars"

10,388 AU - The varying wars end. The Aeveria Confederation has become very diverse both culturally and racially.

10,445 AU - The Aeveria Confederation Capitol is moved from Aiden'Veil to an uninhabited and unaltered Planet, named Iliveria.

10,479 AU - Former capitol to the Confederation becomes an economic powerhouse. Colonisation has boomed and Aeveria territory is expanding rapidly.

10,600 AU - The Grox have threatened for the destruction of the Aeveria Confederation. Several large scale attacks have been carried out by the Grox.

10,602 AU - Aeveria Confederation Congress declare war on the Grox. Many new technologies from MAE(Miravon Advened Enginereering), a government funded weapons company, are being commisioned.

10,616 AU - Corvus Technological Industries has emerged as a wepaons company, is now recieveing Government funding. They ultimately replace MAE, leaving thousands jobless. CTI has proven a superior developer of Military techonology.

10,630-10,755 AU - During this period all aspects of life flourish. Trade is blossoming even more than ever, the Arts are being encouraged and are flourishing, and technology and military advances are occuring periodically.

10,766 AU - The conflict with the Grox has begun to take an upward direction for the Aeveria Confederation.

10,800 AU - The Aeveria Confederation is pulled into the EAW by the Zaretians. The Aeveria Confederation acts on this imeidiatly and the Congress declare War. The Aeveria Confederation has become deeply involved in the EAW, siding with the Peacekeepers.

Aeveria Confederation is a very messy and deep thing. Due to so many ethnic and racial differences, it is difficult to define their specific culture. Rather, culture in the Aeveria Confederation is made up of many, many, components of other cultures.

Language was always an issue at first, so many species speak different languages, its difficult to understand one another. This changed when Humans came along. Humanity had a bit of a population crisis on their hands, thus when they had joined with the Aeveria Confederation, their massive population came with. This caused the use of languages such as French, Spanish, English, and more to become VERY common. A large variety of languages are still spoken, even down to ancient Sevelton and Aeovon tongues.

The people of the Aeveria Confederation are not unlike the majority of sentient life, They love their art. This includes Music, Illustration, Sports, and a variety of other everyday things.
They have developed a few things to their name such as a number of new music genre's and sports, but most of their culture is adapted from the species that Confederated. The most popular music genre's include Jazz, Rock/Alternative, Orchestral, and Rave/Dance. Favorite Illustrative arts include Painting, Digital rendering, and sketches.

People of the Aeveria Confederation are fairly easy going people. Teens love Vidoegames and Sports, Various music genre's are enjoyed by the masses, and meeting up with a friend on Saturday is still the cool thing to do. Shopping accounts for a large amount of peoples lives outside of Work/A Job, this leads to malls and other shopping centers being very key locations in inner-city areas.

A common greeting is "Aiall". it is an ancient Bellus word that means "Neutral Exchange", although nowadays it is often used outside of neutral context. Social classes still very much exist. The poor are obviously on the bottom, with the rich at the top. It is still possible to easily rise in class with enough determination. A prime example is a man named Renton Ashman. Renton was born in a poor family and by incredible coincidence, began playing the Saxophone at age 7. His talent carried him far and he eventually came to own his own record company, which to this day still carries out the goal of its founding: To find under-privileged talents and start them on their careers. His last act of charity was one year before his death, he had completely funded the restoration of his old neighborhood, something that people questioned him about often. He is looked upon as a National Hero, an example that anyone can succeed through determination.


Religion is a big part of Aeveria society, though only for about 40% of the population. Christianity, Catholicism and other human religions also became prominent. Some other common religions include the monotheistic beliefs of Eindism and Enrentism, which are both similar to Christianity and Buddhism, with great emphasis on worshiping your savior and with the state of mind that one must be self reliant to be strong (Although the Buddhism-esque feel is far less obvious). These also share a simalar code to the art Vir Audentia Ensis, albeit a far stricter following of it.

The Aeveria Confederation has developed a number of it's own cultural forms of art and media as well. Listed are some of the more prominant Froms of art, Sports, and more.

====Kayola Ball====
One of the few things that they can honestly say is their own is a sport called Kayoa Ball. In Kayoa Ball, the goal is simple, get the ball into the goal any way possible. Of course, I should mention that it is played with specifically designed non-lethal weapons. These weapons are used to weaken an opposing player, when struck, their protective equipment becomes heavier, thereby decreasing mobility, offering the Other team a chance. Games tend to be very intense and have become a favorite for many.

Or "Vir Audentia Ensis" (Hero's Courageous Sword) originated from a Bellus Woman named Sheila. Sheila wanted to develop a style of sword play that was, graceful,brutal,deadly,and efficient all at once. Thus Vir Audentia Ensis was born. The style was taught under a strcit code of honor, originally used to try and deter people from desiring to learn it. The Code of Honor was later adapted officially in the art and is taken very seriously. Decades passed and the art became somewhat of an honor to become a student of. The name comes from a legend about a Hero on Aiden'Veil who allegedly used a sword to defeat a great evil from another dimension. The hero was thought to use a fighting style similar to the art, though there is little proof of it. Many soldiers in the Aeveria Military have learned This art, as it is an offered course to all enlisted Men and Women.

*Code of Honor: The Code of Honor for Vir Audentia Ensis is stated below.
Thy shall fight honorably, accepting challenges and making them when appropriate or desired.
Forget not the lessons of Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
Allow thy enemy an Honorable death, never desecrate their body nor their grave.
Fight only for thine own defense, not without reason.
Know thy own limits, You must live to fight another day
Respect thy elders, they will teach you much.
**Break not an Oath that you have taken.

Aorchus is a musical style that follows almost no rules. Aorchus groups are often set up like an Orchestra, but they have no limit to style or the kinds of instrument used. The idea of Aorchus is to achieve the environment or vision seen by the Composer, even if achieving this sound involves using unconventional means (eg, using weapons,everyday objects,even explosives,etc). This style originated at Veradell Academy of The Arts, specifically a man named Spark Eorak. Aorchus shows are not limited by anything but the basic rules of composition. Aorchus shows are extremely popular in the mainstream as celebratory events, most shows lasting 2 hours. Aorchus pices are written as celebrations, works of art, and more. Another more mainstream name for Aorchus is Soundscapes.

==Foreign Affaris==
The Aeveria Confederation is deeply involved with the rest of the Galaxy and its turbulant ways. The Aeveria Confederation would prefer to ally others, though the War has clearly proven that it is not always an option.


Empire of Diablos: The Aeveria Confederation holds a positive stance with the Empire of Diablos, both have a common enemy: The Zaretians. The Aeveria Confederation recently have begun to put great effort into supporting the Diabloian Peacekeeper Anti Biomatter Task Force, even merging their team into the Diabloians.
Recently, Aeveria Confederation General Elicia was attending a meeting at the Warbot retreat. During the meeting, the location was attacked by Grox Forces and a Diabloian cruiser crashed into the shield during the gathered forces attempts to repel the Grox. General Elicia who was attending the meeting agreed to get the stranded Diabloians to safety, needless to say, the Diabloians were grateful for the assist.

Luminarian Empire: The Aeveria Confederation recieved an urgent distress message while en route into Zaretian Territory. Fleet Admrial Entus had decided to stray from the fleets course to investigate. He ended up saving Outpost XC-11 of the Luminarian Empire from destruction, this proved to be a critical deciscion, as it practically saved the Luminarians from Destruction.
These events lead to Peacetalks between the Aeveria Confederation and Luminarians, resulting in an Alliance between the two. They now share common enemies, the Zaretians and Shadowlings.

The Warbots: The Aeveria Confederation was invited to attend a meeting at a Warbot retreat. General Elicia attended the meeting and in the midst of the meeting, the location was attacked by Grox Forces. Her fleet however, was stationed in orbit of the planet and was able to respond to the threat alongside the Warbots and ITO. The joint defence operation has shown helped relations between the Empires greatly.

ITO: The Aeveria Confederation fought alongside ITO forces during the defense of the Warbot Retreat. The Aeveria Confederation holds a positive stance with them.


The Zaretian Empire: The Zaretian Empire had disguised themselves as the IAE in an attempt to capture several worlds incognito. This ultimately failed, and the Aeveria Confederation chose to take swift action against the Zaretians.


Zaretian Rebels: A small group of rebels working in the shadows, secretly aiding the Peacekeepers. The Aeveria Confederation had extensive intel on the group, but were shocked thoroughly when they (Moscannin,Skky,and Jace the Shaman) suddenly arrived at the Peacekeeper Conferance on the Aeveria Homeworld.

The Aeveria Confederation has learned that National Security is a big deal and that a well trained Military is key to Safety and Prosperity.
Having been around for ages, The Aeveria Armed Forces have gone through numerous changes. When it comes to development of equiptment for the Aeveria military, there are two branches of design: The Government Research Labs, and CTI, a Government Funded Weapons Research Comapany.

===Notable Service Men/Women===

====General Elicia====
A young human girl from Thenal, Elicia quickly rose through the ranks and became a high ranking general within the Aeveria Confederation. Though a real girly girl at heart, Elicia is a brilliant tactician, if not a bit hasty at times.
Elicia is one of the Aeveria Confederations best Generals, having an excellent track-record, she has most recently been spearheading Operation Burning Lance. Her personal cruiser is the Steyhar Cruiser, a ship built to suit her tactical style: Swift and Deadly.
Elicia is only 24 and has is quite a carefree person when off the job. Some people question her dedication after seeing her at Shopping Malls every week on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

====General Rell====
Rell is a highly experienced general who takes his job seriously. He previously led the Aeveria to victory against the Grox in the Inceptra Campaign. Though quite serious on the job, you can often find him partying at a club, likely talking up some girls.
Rell is 30 years old, but despite acting like he's 19, he has a strong sense of duty. He bears a strong hatred for the Grox, as his parents were both brutally murdered before his very eyes at their hands when he was 7 years old. Whenever someone mentions the Grox around him, he becomes very tense, sometimes having drastic mood swings.

====General Rheynara====
File Classified, Coming soon

====General Epsonn====
File Classified, Coming Soon

====Admiral Entus====
Entus is a Sevelton captain who serves as Fleet Admiral of the 51st fleet. A fierce fighter, smooth talker, and ladies man, most people either hate him or love him, though usually the latter.
Age 28, Entus is one of the younger Generals of the Aeveria Confederation. His upbringing is shrouded in mystery and for some reason most files about him are kept classified, although this is likely at his request, in attempt to hide his past as a mercenary. Quite a comic at heart, Entus is an easy person to befriend.

====Admiral Rivisk====
Admiral Rivisk is the Second-in-Command Aeveria Representative officer with the Diabloian Biomatter Task Force. Rivisk was living on a denseley populated planet when his girlfriend was killed and possesed by one of the Biomatter beasts. With no other choice, he had to strike down the his lovers body to prevent it from harming himself and others. After the scenario ended and the threat was thwarted, Rivisk fell into depression. Swearing revenge on the Biomatter, he promised he would purge them from Aeveria territory, and prevent them from coming near.

Two years afterward, at age 19, Rivisk joined the Aeveria Armed Forces. Now age 33, Rivisk had risen to the rank of Admiral. When he learned of the Diabloian led Biomatter Task Force, he immidiately requested a transfer. His Fleet (The 521st) was assigned as to aid the Diabloian Biomatter Task Force.

Rivisk takes his work seriously, and works extremely well under pressure. He is still single from the previous incedent that set him on this path.

====Admiral Aria====
Classified, File Coming Soon

====Captain Animus====
Animus is a highly skilled Speacial Forces Operative. Though he takes his work seriously, Animus is quite immature at times. Only age 25, Animus is still looking for romance and going to parties when he can.
He was recently appointed to the Aeveria Confederations Joint effort Biomatter task Force with the Diabloians, serving as Admiral Rivisk's second in command, putting third in charge of that specific branch

Known as one of the most talented Operatives in the Aeveria Military, Animus was chosen as one of the field testers for the new "Loricatus" Armor from the Aeveria Gov. Labs.

===Military Branches===
Like most armed forces, the Aeveria Military is divided into several branches. There are 6 branches in total.

*Fleet Divisions
Fleet Divisions is the branch which deals with all things off of a planet. Each Fleet is commanded by a Fleet Admiral, every ten fleets is assigned a General. Fleets are Further broken down into Battle-groups. The Fleet Divisions are the Pride of the Aeveria Military and is its most developed Branch.

The Marines are the do-it-all Branch for the Aeveria. They travel coupled with the Fleet Divisions for transport and deploy where necessary. These are often the first ones to see any action during a war. They are en extremely versatile branch, performing Airdrop Invasions, Cruiser Boarding Warfare, Space Station Assaults, Planetary Invasions, and more.

The Navy is one of the Aeveria Confederations less prominent branches. The Aeveria Navy is deployed from carriers much like most of the Aeveria Military. Naval Warfare hasn't made much of a name for itself so far, although, one campaign long ago used the Navy excessively. The scenario proved that the Aeveria Navy could still use some work and is currently receiving it.

*Air force
The Aeveria Air force is the Military's least developed branch. Although it hasn't received much attention, the attention it has received is outstanding. The Air force's jobs include dog fighting, air-dropping reinforcements and supplies, and Airstrikes and support.

*Rangers/Special Forces/National Guard
This branch is the Aeveria Confederations Trump card. These soldiers are trained for nearly everything, from Biomatter to Invasions and even civilian riots, they have it all covered. Of course they are still used in ways similar to the Marines, but are also trained specially for emergency situations. These also act as first response units.

===Task Forces===
Task Forces are specially trained teams of soldiers trained to confront specific issues. From Stealth to WMD prevention, these are the kind of people you would expect to see in an action movie.

====Midnight Sun====
Midnight Sun is the codename for the Aeveria Confederations' most elite Stealth Intel collection/espionage Team. This team is called in during varying scenarios, from behind enemy lines raids to foreign affaris meetings, Midnight Sun is Always there.
Commandos on the team must undergo intense training that takes place in all kinds of eviroments. The training prepares them for almost any scenario. These soldiers are equipped with all the latest and most advanced technology available and are foten chosen to field test new designs from CTI and the Gov. Labs.

====Biomatter and Infestation Task Force====
Several weeks after the Aeveria Confederation became aware of the likes of the Biomatter and other virus like beings, a speacial Task Force was instated to handle such infestations. After not having any encounters with any Invasive beings and later learning about the Diabloian based Peacekeeper Task Force of simalar nature, the aeveria Confederation decided to merge their team with the Diabloains. Needless to say, after the incedent with the IAE and Biomatter, the Diabloians were more than glad to accept the Aeveria Confederations' offer to merge their team into the Diabloains.

===Tactics and Training===
The Aeveria Confederation Military puts heavy emphasis on being well prepared. Aside from A.C.I collecting and relaying any Intelligence gathered, soldiers are equipped with a multitude of handy tools, such as DMPS (Digital Map Positioning System), Numerous weapons (Energy blades, Rifles, Grenades, etc…), MRE supplies (Meal Ready to Eat) and various other “all scenario equipment”. All soldiers receive extensive training in firefight combat. But when it comes to the combat itself, the Aeveria Confederation prefers planetary invasions over orbital strikes. This way they can capture any possible High Value Targets, and be able to occupy the planet at as a forward command center during a campaign.

An Aeveria soldier's training is centered primarily around firefights and squad based advances, but they are also taught extensively in a varying number of styles and scenarios. Training will can vary depending on the service branch in question, for example, the Special Forces and Air force receive more training in airdrop scenarios, the Navy and Seals have more experience in vehicle operation, and the Marines have more training for assault based scenarios.

Standard Aeveria Armor is quite different than most other Armor models used in the Galaxy. The Armor is worn in several parts, mostly covering key parts of the body. However, each piece of the suit has more a special Energy Link device installed within it. Known as a "FSEF" (Or, Flux Shell Energy Field) These devices link with one another to cast a form-fitting invisible Energy shield around the wearers body. This allows them to be moderately protected from most conventional forms of weaponry while remaining physically agile.

Another Variant is the Experimental "Loricatus" Armor Suit. This works the same way as standard Aeveria Armor, but by adding a Small Reactor to amplify the Armor's effect, the suit becomes capable of amplifying the wearers natural abilities to an extent. This pertains primarily to increased pain and conditioning resistance. However the Loricatus model is still experimental, and as such has not reached it's full potential.

==Government Agencies==

===Corvus Technological Industries===
Or CTI started as a commercial company named Elaya, that specialized in Home Appliances. Elaya began to perform some under the table experiments with weapons systems and soon opened a sister company called Corvus Technological Industries. This soon came to the attention of the Aeveria Government, who offered to fund their research. The company hastily agreed, and in ten years developed and released more than 200 military patents. Their success was phenomenal and was the nail in the coffin for rival Company MAE.

===Miravon Advanced Engineering(CLOSED)===
Or MAE, was the first government funded military design company. The Founder Miravon (The company's Namesake) was a rather corrupt man however, and often sold and traded blueprints and technology secrets with enemies under the table. Word soon got out and lawsuits were filed, although most failed. Their reputation was tarnished, as even after Miravon had passed away, the new leaders were just as corrupt as the last, if not sometimes worse. When CTI emerged on the scene, MAE failed to keep up with their competition, lost their funding, and had closed permanently. Documents from the company's past link them to a deserted trash disposal planet, where they possibly scavenged large amounts of the technology they used.

The company also ran an illegal PMC (Private Military Corp.) which they used to engage in underground wars for technology. It is described in old files as a "Technology Aquisition Force". Rumors about it had been circualting for years, but the government was never able to investigate it in much detail due to their business deal. After the company had kicked the bucket, it was discovered that many of their designs were made using technology "Aquired" by this force, this includes a number of buildings and vehicles. Most notable is their "Crepall Series" which boasts many designs that run on old IAE and "DMR Enterprises" Technology.

An investigation into the sources/origins of some of their other designs is still continuing, even now, Five Years after the company's Closure.

===Aeveria Central Intelligence (Or, A.C.I)===
The Aeveria Central Intelligence Organization is the highest classified Government Branch. They handle investigation into all major and minor threats to National Security and foreign affairs. Their Headquarters is on the outskirts of the desert city of Steaken on the Planet Iliveria. The HQ Building is only 20% above the surface, the rest is deep underground. The building houses all documents and Intel collected and is also used as a top security detention center and testing facility.

===Aeveria Government Labs===
The Government labs perform a variety of tasks. From research to Development and production, the Government labs cover it all. Although the rumors about organic testing and torture are thrown around occasionally, the Gov. Labs have never engaged in any questionable testing. The Labs are known most for being the primary developer for Aeveria Military Architecture and Design. Along with CTI, the Gov. Labs produce all Aeveria Military buildings, vehicles, weapons, and more.

They also carry out terraforming tests and other miscellaneously studies, such as medical research, Census work, and technology studies. Their current focus is finding cures and immunities for Viruses such as the Insectoids and deadly STD/STI's, Cancers, and many other medical issues. An important study on various species' Neural system is also under way.

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